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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Master Yoda was right, ''Be mindful of the Dark Side''

April fool's day tomorrow. I have always wondered where the idea for April 1st to become the day for pranks and practical jokes. Feb.29th to me always made more sense, but then again what do I know.
What I do know is that whenever I stop worrying about money, making more of it, not having enough of it, I end up getting more of it.
I had read once a quote that I'll paraphrase ;''Be careful what you think, you'll get it.''
It always amazes me that in this universe as random as everything can appear on it's surface that one can focus one's energies and have the results you are looking for.
As I type this it reminds me to keep my thoughts in the positive realm of thinking.
Master Yoda was right, ''Be mindful of the Dark Side''
I can honestly say that being negative never served any purpose for me other than ineffectual bellyaching and commiserating that when one looks back on it it seems obvious that misery loves company and a myriad of other similar catch phrases.
Well, keep passing the open windows, and have a great April 1st.
Just don't be too gullible.

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