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Friday, May 21, 2010

Patience, do you have it ?

OK , not a particularly interesting post today. The theme seems to be patience. Patience at work, at home, never ending patience.
I am trying to not lose my cool, and the medium for not losing my cool is trying to imagine what a Buddha or a Zen master would do in that given situation.
It seems to help a little, at least enough to keep me thinking critically and not emotionally.
It is funny how we fall into the trap of treating the ones that we hold closest the worst and complete strangers better.
I realize that a large part of that is we expect forgiveness from family , and some how that excuses the behavior.
At least today I can look myself in the eye and say ''I kept my patience''


  1. Hi BD -- My experience is that Buddhism is largely a matter of consent -- patient, determined consent. Consent to what? Consent to faking what is not yet actualized ... consenting to put our lives on the line for something not entirely in hand ... "compassion," "love," "freedom," "enlightenment," "emptiness," "patience," etc., etc.

    By stumbling and falling and stumbling and falling, a little at a time, the dime begins to drop and it's no longer such a sweaty, virtuous business. Zazen is a big help in this regard.

    Best wishes.

  2. I really like the last line of your post. Don't give up the fight for peace and the pride of knowing you actively contributed to this peace. Ensure that everyday has a time that you can look yourself in the eye and say you kept your patience. Nancy