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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Post # 8

OK , post number 8 and aside from myself no one is reading this methinks. Of course, I haven't promoted or even emailed anyone to say that I am writing online. I guess part of me figured that the magic of the Internet would prevail and that my ego would be satisfied that on some level I managed to communicate with someone other than my self.
Funny how my main goal was to just write and see what becomes of it, and yet I still retained a feeling or aspiration that someone else would read what I've written and agree or disagree.

All that being said, having grown up in Lasalle, QC I am stunned to find out that there was / is a Tibetan Buddhist temple in Verdun. Never did I know ,or even see it. Although looking at Google maps I am convinced I must have driven by it before.

I am going to inquire about visiting it, and maybe attending a meditation session or two. Up until this point I have pretty much been going it alone and I am curious what it would be like in a formal setting.
I have a question though, Buddhism for the most part sees God as impersonal if you will, not so much a person but as all pervasive , a source , etc., and yet he was present, in human form and is worshipped with puja ceremonies, and his pastimes are recounted and prayers are offered and there are innumerable reincarnations. Is this incongruous ? I think I am missing something.
That's it for this post.

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