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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Twofold question

OK , here is the deal that is preoccupying my mind. Attachments-try as I might I am finding it extremely difficult to separate my feelings (anger , frustration) those type of feelings from when my wife and daughter are sad, angry or just irritated.... I end up being pulled into their vortex of misery and rather than making things better, I just end up as miserable as they are.

How to separate attachment to being angry , sad frustrated etc., while at the same time not detaching from the people that I love, or even humankind.

It's simple to cut and burn-but not really very realistic. The balance is the key, but how to regain my footing once the teeter-toter of emotions takes over and bring it back in line.

Not so much of a two-fold question after all , in so much as it seems to be my constant state of juggling that I need to acheive this time around.


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