It can only be what it is...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Woo-Hoo (Insert pre-teen eye-rolling here !)

I know, I know, not supposed to be boastful or too full of pride, daughter graduated elementary school and while that is not at all shocking or all that impossible to achieve, she was voted valedictorian and received an award for her outstanding academic achievements during her elementary school career. She is a smart cookie and I am proud of her regardless.
Now if I could only get her to do her chores...

Summer has started in earnest, and I find myself with jobs around the house that are slowly getting done. It's a good thing as they were long overdue but I find that I am getting so busy I have very little time to reflect or meditate.
Tomorrow I plan on walking early around 5am while listening to a podcast on a discourse on Rinzai,
and if that fails try some Zazen before work.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day-It's been a slice !

Well, it's my twelfth year as a Dad. There have been some brilliant moments( even if I do say so myself) and some moments I have disappointed myself. I have managed to shake myself off and pick myself up from the downers though and march on forward.
I am starting to understand things better, and understanding my daughters as well. Nowhere near enough to claim expertise or any such folly.
On a separate note I am also realizing my body's limitation and the need to stretch more and strengthen more.
My body needs a little help, and I need to listen to it. Nothing serious but limping around like a septuagenarian( no offense to septuagenarians anywhere) has not been easy, although good for my ego.
A good slap every now and again is a good thing , even if it hurts.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Zen , Martial Arts, and how full is your cup?

Remembering a part in Joe Hyams -''Zen in the martial arts'' where Bruce Lee recounts his Sifu asking how will he learn if his cup is too full ? , makes me laugh as we all have that tendency to not like being new, not expert.
Personally it has never bothered me being a novice in something and in fact I take pleasure in discovering something for the first time.
Lately in my Karate class I am noticing kids that sometimes get offended when the Shihan corrects them. They feel that they are above correction.
Adults too, sometimes the combination of older student and younger teacher also offends some.
Either way the more Karate I do the more that I realize I am just a novice, maybe no longer a white belt, but even when I eventually get to a black belt ( if all goes well !) I am still a novice as there will always be someone with more experience, knowledge to impart and woe is the student that refuses to let his cup empty or overflow.
My observation for today.