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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day-It's been a slice !

Well, it's my twelfth year as a Dad. There have been some brilliant moments( even if I do say so myself) and some moments I have disappointed myself. I have managed to shake myself off and pick myself up from the downers though and march on forward.
I am starting to understand things better, and understanding my daughters as well. Nowhere near enough to claim expertise or any such folly.
On a separate note I am also realizing my body's limitation and the need to stretch more and strengthen more.
My body needs a little help, and I need to listen to it. Nothing serious but limping around like a septuagenarian( no offense to septuagenarians anywhere) has not been easy, although good for my ego.
A good slap every now and again is a good thing , even if it hurts.

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