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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Woo-Hoo (Insert pre-teen eye-rolling here !)

I know, I know, not supposed to be boastful or too full of pride, daughter graduated elementary school and while that is not at all shocking or all that impossible to achieve, she was voted valedictorian and received an award for her outstanding academic achievements during her elementary school career. She is a smart cookie and I am proud of her regardless.
Now if I could only get her to do her chores...

Summer has started in earnest, and I find myself with jobs around the house that are slowly getting done. It's a good thing as they were long overdue but I find that I am getting so busy I have very little time to reflect or meditate.
Tomorrow I plan on walking early around 5am while listening to a podcast on a discourse on Rinzai,
and if that fails try some Zazen before work.

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