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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Zen , Martial Arts, and how full is your cup?

Remembering a part in Joe Hyams -''Zen in the martial arts'' where Bruce Lee recounts his Sifu asking how will he learn if his cup is too full ? , makes me laugh as we all have that tendency to not like being new, not expert.
Personally it has never bothered me being a novice in something and in fact I take pleasure in discovering something for the first time.
Lately in my Karate class I am noticing kids that sometimes get offended when the Shihan corrects them. They feel that they are above correction.
Adults too, sometimes the combination of older student and younger teacher also offends some.
Either way the more Karate I do the more that I realize I am just a novice, maybe no longer a white belt, but even when I eventually get to a black belt ( if all goes well !) I am still a novice as there will always be someone with more experience, knowledge to impart and woe is the student that refuses to let his cup empty or overflow.
My observation for today.

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