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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Went hiking

So , we packed up and went hiking, not an easy endeavor for us, our dog is slowly losing her eyesight-retinas detaching. My youngest doesn't have the mobility to walk so we use an over-sized stroller-which is not made for off-roading and a pre-teen full of angst.
Motley crew as we were it actually turned out nice. Was a lot of effort but in the end everyone slept well that night. The kind of good tired from lots of fresh air and hard work.
Along the way I spotted this tree, roots have taken hold in a minimum of soil and rocks and yet hanging on.
I could relate to this tree and some of the others on our trail that we hiked. Bent from the elements, crooked, but still there , hanging on for all to see and appreciate. Provided that you take the time.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Many roads, One destination...

It strikes me lately that in our modern secular society that there is a real fear in imagining God . Not that I have any idea what he or she looks like, but more from the point of just being comfortable with the concept that there is one.
In Zen (in my limited experience) I have not come across much if any reference to God specifically, although you could argue I think that there is an undercurrent present in what I have read thus far.
I have done some searching in the past in other traditions(aside from Buddhism) and would be willing to admit that it could be clouding or muddying the waters but it leaves me with a strong feeling that all roads endeavor to get us back, to where we came from or belong.
Some people will call it the source, eternal, Godhead, either way it does seem that we are all searching for something.
Perhaps it's like when you are in a hurry to boil water, the more you look at it, the longer it takes.
Either way no one ever said it was a race.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dharma is everywhere...

Dharma is everywhere

Zazen is not doing but being.
Because of the ego-self we view things as good or bad-where things just simply are.

Look inside....

To think that the cause of the problem is anywhere other than yourself is a big mistake. It is complete delusion. This is the proof of the statement that by investigating and examining yourself,all anxiety can be completely eliminated, there is not doubt of this. (Sekkei Harada)

Every day mind is the way-(Master Namsen)


If you are irritated by every rub,
How will you be polished ? (Rumi Sage)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A podcast from Ven.Eshu Martin that I really enjoyed

If anyone is interested the link below is for a podcast that I really enjoyed about back-sliding. Something we all do regardless of the path we are on. Eshu Martin is the abbot of the Victoria Zen Center in British Columbia.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday !

Well, being Canadian and all, today is Canada Day. Used to be a much bigger deal for me in the past. In my youth and while in the military my sense of nationalism was perhaps much greater than now. While I feel lucky to be living in Canada as a nation as opposed to say a nation that restricts your every thought, movement, my sense of who I am in the larger sense has changed.

I do wonder as a planet if we will ever get to the point of oneness that if often portrayed in science fiction. If we do who is the leader ? Would we as humans ever progress to allow ego to take a back seat and allow the lines to blur. If we do who will we hate collectively next ? Or will we ever get past the us vs. them mentality that we seemingly need as Nations to spur on that Nationalistic pride we exhibit time and time again.