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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday !

Well, being Canadian and all, today is Canada Day. Used to be a much bigger deal for me in the past. In my youth and while in the military my sense of nationalism was perhaps much greater than now. While I feel lucky to be living in Canada as a nation as opposed to say a nation that restricts your every thought, movement, my sense of who I am in the larger sense has changed.

I do wonder as a planet if we will ever get to the point of oneness that if often portrayed in science fiction. If we do who is the leader ? Would we as humans ever progress to allow ego to take a back seat and allow the lines to blur. If we do who will we hate collectively next ? Or will we ever get past the us vs. them mentality that we seemingly need as Nations to spur on that Nationalistic pride we exhibit time and time again.

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