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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Many roads, One destination...

It strikes me lately that in our modern secular society that there is a real fear in imagining God . Not that I have any idea what he or she looks like, but more from the point of just being comfortable with the concept that there is one.
In Zen (in my limited experience) I have not come across much if any reference to God specifically, although you could argue I think that there is an undercurrent present in what I have read thus far.
I have done some searching in the past in other traditions(aside from Buddhism) and would be willing to admit that it could be clouding or muddying the waters but it leaves me with a strong feeling that all roads endeavor to get us back, to where we came from or belong.
Some people will call it the source, eternal, Godhead, either way it does seem that we are all searching for something.
Perhaps it's like when you are in a hurry to boil water, the more you look at it, the longer it takes.
Either way no one ever said it was a race.

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