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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Went hiking

So , we packed up and went hiking, not an easy endeavor for us, our dog is slowly losing her eyesight-retinas detaching. My youngest doesn't have the mobility to walk so we use an over-sized stroller-which is not made for off-roading and a pre-teen full of angst.
Motley crew as we were it actually turned out nice. Was a lot of effort but in the end everyone slept well that night. The kind of good tired from lots of fresh air and hard work.
Along the way I spotted this tree, roots have taken hold in a minimum of soil and rocks and yet hanging on.
I could relate to this tree and some of the others on our trail that we hiked. Bent from the elements, crooked, but still there , hanging on for all to see and appreciate. Provided that you take the time.

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