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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Teachers, and the passing of Aitken Roshi

With the passing of Aitken Roshi, it has made me wonder about the choices we make for a teacher. I have never met, or read any of his books yet, although I was making my way towards them.
Can one have a teacher that we have never met ?
In the Vedic tradition you have a guru, and within those circles there is some debate as to whether you can choose a guru that has deceased.
What do you do if your teacher has fallen ? Can you replace them ? Should we ?
If we choose a teacher that has deceased , and choose them as our guide, have we elevated them to a stature that can be without equal ?
As I am preparing to meet several Zen teachers in the next few weeks these are questions that keep ruminating in my mind.
I have to say from all the posts that I have read, Aitken Roshi seems to have lived a good life, in that he did real good with his time , inspired others , and will continue to inspire.

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