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Monday, August 30, 2010

What I need to do

As I sit here contemplating yesterday and this morning's actions I want to say I am disappointed with myself. I was in a headlong confrontational situation and started out with keeping my cool, but at some point the button was kicked on and I started to lose it.
I can't figure out what makes me more angry, the fact that I am being disregarded or disrespected or both.
I know, I know my generation ( or least me) would not even dared to talk to my parents in this way but somehow she feels she can. Is that a sign that she is so comfortable with us or is it just plain simply lack of respect. I can't tell.
What I can say is that it makes my blood boil, especially when it is directed at someone else, I feel compelled to jump in and control the situation.
Not only does that make things worse, it paints me as the uncontrollable one, even if a minute before it's not me that's losing it, I need it to stop .
It's sooo not worth it .

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