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Friday, October 29, 2010

One battle won, on to the next

After a protracted battle to obtain proper services for my daughter, I think finally things are maybe shaking loose.My optimism tends to overshadow here as I always want to believe people will do the right thing. Sometimes to you need to corral them into it, sometimes pressure them.
You would have to know that my youngest has Angelman Syndrome. A chromosomal deletion -referred to as a micro deletion( we're talking really small) that left her with Epilepsy and a global developmental delay.
In Canada we have Medicare, which means that our tax dollars fund our health care system so technically there are no fees, and should you have special needs those too are met free of charge.
The downside is the system is underfunded for the demands on it, and it usually means waiting lists and battling to get your requests in and approved.
It is after battling yet once again that we have secured a much needed restraint system for our car as the standard seat belt is inadequate and booster seat too small.
 It is fatiguing to say the least having to always approach everything like Sun Tzu's Art of War in order to get services that are owed to us in the first place.
I can't imagine how those to the South of us in the United States cope with the medical bills and special needs equipment cuz' God knows they ain't cheap !
Anyway battle won, preparing for the next engagement- adapting our home for her wheelchair.

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