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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fear, ( We are what we think!)

It's amazing what fear can do.It cripples, renders someone emotionally sterile and often is misconstrued by the one with the fear and those that it is projected on.
It does stem back to the giant misconception of self that we all have, and that we can control everything around us. It's been my experience and still continues to surprise me that we are what we think. The person that is fearful eventually self fulfills that prophecy and bad things happen.  There is a need to unlearn our fearful attitudes from our parents(or from whomever they had originated) and move forward,
Does it mean that bad things will never happen, Of course not ! but how you handle them when they do happen is of paramount importance.  Life can only be lived in the now, the past is done, future hasn't happened yet so there is only the now.
A monk had asked his master the following :
Q. Where am I?

A. I will refer to the I you still think you are and not that I whom I just told you you were; as if you had grasped my last answer you would not have asked this.

Tell me, are your lungs part of you?

Monk. Of course.

Master. Then may I ask you what you would rather I took away from you; your lungs or all the air?

Monk. I cannot separate them, now I realize master!

This self we think we are is separate and inseparable both are needed just as lungs serve no purpose without air and air without lungs to process the air, being fearful for something that hasn't happened serves no purpose, and once it has happened it has already passed, therefore the fear still serves no-one.
That is my Sunday diatribe for today.

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