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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Instant Nirvana-just add internet

Every now and again I find myself surfing the web, looking for that elusive blog post, free download,website or whatever that for some odd reason I think is going to reach out of my monitor slap me across the face like a wet fish and voila ! I will be enlightened.
Not really sure why , it may have to do with he age we live in and the expectation that everything is just one click away, the internet like the universe so vast and rich, and impossible to explore every corner and yet it's allure must compare some days to the explorers of old, peering into a deep dark forest wondering what will they find within.
Realistically though it does seem to hamper my decision to follow one path specifically as I am able to find so much information on so many different styles of Buddhism and every style has it's merits.
I would assume that many people found themselves ( literally and physically) within a certain tradition because it was the only one offered at a certain time and space. All roads lead to Rome or in this case Nirvana, but still does the view on the road make a difference?
Is it better or just different. longer or a shortcut. A lot depends on the individual I guess.

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