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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Be the peace

Last year around this time of year my stress was at an all time high, work was adding pressure, home life was topsy-turvy and I had let all of this get to me and in a fit of rage unleashed a straight punch with the heel of my palm into an unsuspecting car window. Much to my surprise it shattered on impact as if I had thrown a brick into the window. My daughter was beside me at the time and my biggest regret was that she witnessed that ugly display of my anger. I shall never forget the look of fear and shock and terror that was on her face.

Two days later while surfing on the internet I stumbled upon the blog of Dr.Wayne Dyer and a posting of his called Be the peace. 

The timing was fortuitous in the least. His theory in short was that living a peaceful life is not so much based on your surroundings but more from the inside out, in that you don't need to change your thoughts, or try to reject them but by being peaceful you'll attract more serene thoughts, and beings. Sounds a little new -agey  but still I endeavored to put this into practice.
One year later I can say that it does work. Not always easy but it does change other people's attitudes in your immediate entourage. Work has become less of a battle, the home front as well and I am laughing instead of scowling.
A quote from John Maynard Keynes
'' The difficulty arises not in new ideas , but in escaping old ones.''
I find this to be particularly true, growing up was not easy in a household where you learned how to block and defend yourself before anything else. Those lessons are hardwired and take a lot of time to undo.
The secret to all of this is that you cannot get this peace from anyone, or anything else , you just have to be that peace.


  1. Dr. Dyer's work is great! I can relate. During a time of stress for myself, I too threw a punch. A straight knuckle punch into a wall. Popped a big hole...then felt really stupid. This happened about 27 years ago...haven't hit a wall since...but I am ready if one attacks:)

    Peace does come from attuning to it. We can't go and get it like milk at the store. It is already here...always present. Just have to avail ourselves to it.

  2. @ David, There is definitely a dharmic feel to Dr.Dyer's work. Hitting that window was a real low point for me however. Hasn't happened since though and that's a good thing.

  3. Thank you so much for gift of your heartfelt post, so real, so human, so courageous. I am sure you have inspired many since this turning moment of the fist in the car window. We all have had our version of such a moment. A moment of great suffering that is also a part of the path.

    May you be at peace,