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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fear raises it's head again

In January, in our household we have a major upheaval for about one week. After being on a waiting list for roughly five years we are adapting our home for our youngest daughter who has Angelman Syndrome. What that diagnosis means is that she is in a wheel chair , she has frequent epileptic seizures and her motor and developmental skills are way behind. All that being said , things are good. She is making progress in her school, can walk in a walker and her motor skills have improved drastically.
Where does the fear come in you say ?
My oldest daughter who has gone from wanting to be her sister's nurse to not wanting anything to do wither her and on occasion refers to herself as an only child can be really quite dramatic.
She rebelled today at the whole construction project on the basis that it will interfere with her sleep patterns. Due to the nature of the project we will not be sleeping at home during the construction and her fear of change, fear of having to explain her sister to schoolmates and teachers why and what is going on, came out in a huge explosion of fear and anger. Suffice it to say not one of her proudest moments. Then came the mandatory hand wringing and martyrdom reminiscent of  Joan of Arc once she really saw how she was behaving.
Redeeming factor in all of this , I never lost my cool with her today, didn't raise my voice, make things worse, just stayed the course and all worked out in the end. Maybe one day she'll get it, and imitate me as I am now rather than the angry guy I used to be.

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