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Monday, January 24, 2011

Home for the day,feeling older

Cold weather takes it's toll, -38 Celsius this morning, diesel school buses having mechanical issues turn the day upside down and Veronica and I are home for the day.
Whilst Veronica is happy about spending the day with Daddy I have to say that I am lucky that my bosses are somewhat understanding about the scenario. The alternative would be to take her to work with me and again she would love it, but it might not be the best idea.

Pedagogical days, spring break , and somewhat impromptu snow(everything is frozen solid) days make for needing a flexible schedule.

As for feeling older, I am starting to notice that I need to take better physical care of my body. Strength training, flexibility (maybe some yoga). Pulled a pectoral muscle transferring my daughter on Saturday reminds me that as the heavy lifter of the family I can't keep just powering through moves like I used to. Hard to break old habits I guess. I pride myself of the fact that I have never dropped one yet...but as Veronica gets older I need to lift smarter and train and prepare my body for heavier and heavier transfers.

Better than one hundred years lived lazily and lacking in effort,
Is one day lived with vigor and exertion.
Dhammapda (112)

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