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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reno done, moving on

Well, renovation is done, some fine tuning left to do but overall things are pretty much completed. The contractor has some corrective work to touch up but we're good. It was quite the start to the new year.

Today we have hit the deep freeze with the lows getting to -19 plus wind chill to around -28, and Tuesday the actual low is supposed to hit -28 plus the wind chill. Still not as cold as Duluth MN but kinda close.

Routines are getting back to normal and I want to stir things up. I recently found out about a family membership plan at the YMCA that really is quite affordable and the whole family can benefit. Even my youngest as the have a pool and swimming is one of the things she really enjoys. This will entail shaking up the end of school , dinner time and veg out on the couch schedule but I really think it is worth it. Plus the YMCA has classes in Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword(didn't know that existed), Aikido, Karate, Kung Fu, along with Yoga and Pilates.
Overall something for everyone. I have to say though that I seem to be the only one that's likes change and embraces it. Perhaps it's my left-handedness, not really sure. At any rate something I want to achieve so that as a family we are more active and healthy. 

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