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Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Frontiers

Going to be starting something new this week. As a family we are signing up at the local YMCA for mainly exercise and losing weight. What I like about it , is that my youngest is going to be able to swim in the pool. She adores water, but has no fear at all.
What I am also looking forward to is returning back to Yoga classes. They are included in the membership and about 6 years ago when I had taken some classes regularly for a while I really noticed an improvement in my flexibility, posture, sleep and a myriad of other things.
As I get older I am starting to see the suppleness ebb away, hopefully this is the trick to at least hold it at bay for a while.
My wife and daughter however have forbade me to partake in the same class as them, something about downward facing moron...


  1. Hope your yoga class goes well...funny..downward facing moron! thanks for the chuckle

  2. Hahaha . . actually made me laugh out loud, well done, not many blog posts can do that! I started yoga when my father took me to local classes when I was thirteen years old . . almost forty years later and I'm still at it ;-) Like David said, good luck with the class and thanks for putting a smile on my face :-)