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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time to put my money where my mouth is...

Is it wrong for me to feel anxiety for my thirteen year old daughter ?
She has been recently chosen to take part in an International student exchange that has her traveling to India for two weeks .
Part of me has to admit that it's a trip that I would have loved to partake with her, and the Dad in me is worried about the myriad of health risks , dysentery, malaria etc. 
On the other hand I did sign off on the trip as I can't imagine denying her the opportunity to make friends there and actually visit some of the Holy Sites and see that country at her age !. Their itinerary has them visiting several temples and holy sites along with some of the more touristic attractions.
Has anyone been to India recently that might offer some advice or tips to for her to stay healthy while there ? They will be billeted with families that live in the New Delhi area and will travel around from there.


  1. I was in India for a little more than two weeks in December of 2009. I was sick for a few days; vomiting and whatnot. Even the big cities were kind of like big barns. Tell her to wash her hands before she eats, every single time. Every single time. She should also have some nausea medicine handy so that when she gets sick, she has the medicine and doesn't have to go out on the weirdo Indian streets to find some weirdo Indian store to buy some weirdo Indian medicine. I've never heard of a Westerner travelling in India and not getting sick, so tell her not to freak out when she does get sick.

    Also, hotels often have mosquito nets for their guests, but you have to ask for them.

    Buy her the Lonely Planet guide to India. There's a lot of good tips there about eating and just getting by in India. For instance, did you know she should bring a flashlight? And a padlock & chain?

    Your kid is so lucky! I hope she goes there and just does everything she can. You turn any corner in India, and you'll see something you'd never see in the States. Tell her to be ready to have her mind blown!

  2. Thanks for your reply Trevor, I plan to load her up with tips and tricks to be sure.