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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Breathe

This has been one hell of a week-end. All the news out of Japan is not good to be sure.
I had thought that the nuclear fears of the eighties had passed. Guess that was naive of me in hindsight.
In all of this need to remind myself to "just breathe". James Ure over at  The Buddhist Blog reminded me of this today.
On a personal note I have started to get migraines. I think they are food related, and that something that I am eating is triggering them. Anyone have any ideas on what could be a trigger and how to treat it ?( Aside from pharmaceuticals)


  1. Feverfew is a good herb for migraines...stress is also a trigger for migraines...but can have many sources. Just breathe into your hara...if you go to my blog and read about 'not feeding the bears'...sorry don't have the might help...just be with it...fighting it feeds it.

  2. I suggest a food diary. Start to eliminate wheat for a week...write about how you feel, then sugar, caffeine, dairy, peanut products, soy..notice how you feel when you remove these obvious inflammatory allergens. If you figure out the have succeeded in treating yourself through diet. If possible, go organic. There has been an increase in GMO-food sensitivies. If you still have the symptoms take your diary to a holistic practioner. There could be other areas of the body that need adjusted or taken into consideration besides what you eat.
    Be Well~