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Monday, April 25, 2011

God Particle Rumour

An article caught my eye today that the scientists woking at the super collider have been looking for the "God Particle" and someone leaked that they had found it . But now it seems that it's not proven and therefore they are still looking.
Makes we wonder two things,
One :can science be viewed or construed as religion ? Often nothing is proven, yet there they are, the scientists, convinced that their view is correct.  Although I would think they would be horrified to look at their views as faith but yet to me it does seem that they need to put forth "faith " quite often in the absence of proof. Not unlike religion.
Two: The Big Bang Theory being a total random event also strikes me as an odd chance of fate, by contrast if you were to blow up a printing press would you get an Oxford Dictionary ?
Just saying...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swirling Vortex of Misery-

What to do when your pre-teen (soon to be teen in a few days) daughter starts to have a surly and sometimes downright belligerent attitude towards me and everything around her.
I try my best to not get involved in her swirling vortex of misery, but I think I will need to start putting reminders around the house to catch my eye and remind me to breath, and hope that my calm ( or reasonable facsimile) is contagious.

Arj Barker Sickest Buddhist-A Parody

Despite some of the language used , kinda not a bad thing to take ourselves too seriously

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dealing with negativity

I am having a hard time dealing with negativity lately. It's not that it's new or anything. I have been surrounded by it for most of my life.
As a young lad I lost my mother to an aneurysm ( I was four at the time) and I remember it vividly to this day. My father never recovered from it and I was forced into a father/brother relationship with my then six month old brother as my Dad tried to hold things together.  My brother only being six month's old had plenty of families willing to take him into their home and even adopt him if my father was willing. I on the other hand was not so desirable. Rather precocious as a four year old, already reading and writing, I was all too capable of telling others that they were not my mother, with a few choice adjectives to be sure.
I remember conversations that my Dad had in the kitchen with a family that was all too eager to take my brother, and my Dad not wanting brothers to be separated said what about the older one ?
They did try to be polite, but I could see through the facade even at my then young age. I wasn't wanted- much to opiniated and well I would be disruptive, but my brother on the other hand , too young to remember, not angry like the older one...
In the end we all stayed together and a live in nanny was eventually hired. For better or for worse.
Fast forward to today and and try as I might to be positive when I am confronted with someone else's negativity it stirs up old default positions in me .
There are times that I can't decide whether I am more angry that they are still there,(the negative defaults) or that it still bothers me that they are there.

Either way this is my focus lately to finally try and find a way to acknowledge them and not allow them to dictate my actions. When I read this lately in the Tao teh Ching- it struck a chord.

The softest of all things,
Overrides the hardest of things
Only nothing can enter into no-space
Hence I know tha advantages of non-ado
Few things under heaven are as instructive as the lessons of Silence,
Or as beneficial as the fruits of non-ado
Verse 43-Tao Teh Ching

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who am I and emptying my cup

I was thinking the other day about the importance of titles. We give ourselves these titles, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter. Is it all that we really are ?
 The attachment to the title is so strong.  The sense of confusion of who we are really runs deep.

My daughter and I have for the last few years done Karate together and it is a lot of fun , something we do together and share. Recently there is a Kung Fu school that has opened and has a beginner class one day a week. I suggested to my daughter we should go and check it out. I have always been open to learning from multiple sources.
No one has a monoply on a good idea.
Much to my surprise, she felt that she was betraying her Karate Sensei if she practiced Kung Fu. She only relented somewhat when I said that he ( her Sensei) has studied multiple styles of Martial Arts and it's not being disloyal. She was hooked on being a Kareteka and can't imagine being more or less.

I guess that I like to leave my cup a little on the empty side, so that there is room to add to it.
I never feel that I know , all there is to know, and approach everyone and everything as a potential lesson and a potential teacher. I feel that it is important to have that empty cup approach to life, if the cup is full, how can you accept more.
Have you emptied your cup lately ?