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Monday, April 25, 2011

God Particle Rumour

An article caught my eye today that the scientists woking at the super collider have been looking for the "God Particle" and someone leaked that they had found it . But now it seems that it's not proven and therefore they are still looking.
Makes we wonder two things,
One :can science be viewed or construed as religion ? Often nothing is proven, yet there they are, the scientists, convinced that their view is correct.  Although I would think they would be horrified to look at their views as faith but yet to me it does seem that they need to put forth "faith " quite often in the absence of proof. Not unlike religion.
Two: The Big Bang Theory being a total random event also strikes me as an odd chance of fate, by contrast if you were to blow up a printing press would you get an Oxford Dictionary ?
Just saying...

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