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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who am I and emptying my cup

I was thinking the other day about the importance of titles. We give ourselves these titles, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter. Is it all that we really are ?
 The attachment to the title is so strong.  The sense of confusion of who we are really runs deep.

My daughter and I have for the last few years done Karate together and it is a lot of fun , something we do together and share. Recently there is a Kung Fu school that has opened and has a beginner class one day a week. I suggested to my daughter we should go and check it out. I have always been open to learning from multiple sources.
No one has a monoply on a good idea.
Much to my surprise, she felt that she was betraying her Karate Sensei if she practiced Kung Fu. She only relented somewhat when I said that he ( her Sensei) has studied multiple styles of Martial Arts and it's not being disloyal. She was hooked on being a Kareteka and can't imagine being more or less.

I guess that I like to leave my cup a little on the empty side, so that there is room to add to it.
I never feel that I know , all there is to know, and approach everyone and everything as a potential lesson and a potential teacher. I feel that it is important to have that empty cup approach to life, if the cup is full, how can you accept more.
Have you emptied your cup lately ?


  1. Does emptying my bladder count? :) Good post...empty cups are very useful.

  2. While her motivation may be on shaky ground, her skepticism is good. I tried studying aikido, iaido, taichi, and foil fencing at the same time. I'm a pretty typical Renaissance man, but no matter how much I dislike it the saying about being a jack of all trades is true.

    I'd assume after a few years, a pretty firm foundation in karate is there, but the body can get confused when practicing multiple arts. I've begun to stray into qi gong for help to inform my internal work and body movement in aikido. I feel I'm set enough to know which one is home.

    To stick with the metaphor, you should always fill your cup all of the way before drinking. Leaving room for something else, if it's a different flavor both tastes may be spoiled. Sometimes they compliment each other, but until you're very familiar with one, you won't know what goes with it.

    Thanks for the post, it's some good stuff to remember. Emptying the cup has been a favorite metaphor of mine for a long time.

  3. Aloha, Visiting from your recent comment at Rambling Taoist.
    You know, Jackie Chan's recent remake oF "Karate Kid" is called "Kung Fu Kid" in China.

    Martial art is martial art.

  4. @ David, empty away..they say holding it builds character,
    I think it builds urinary tract infections ;-)

    @ Kevin , I agree too much all at the same time can be hard, although she's at an age that her mind is much more sponge like and can absorb a lot.

    @Baroness radon,I agree