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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Being Gentle with oneself

It struck me the other day as I was trying to get my teenage daughter to give up being so hard on herself, (she is a rather obstinate perfectionist) that I probably have not been the best example of this.
My daughter has fears of not being perfect to the point that she will abstain from trying if she thinks her results might be less than 100% perfect. I don't have that issue.
My motto has always been try and learn, give it your best , but try and see what happens.
I recently have started yoga , and let's be honest, even after years of Karate I am less than stellar, but I enthusiastically look forward to every class and see my progress in micro steps.
My stumbling block is trying to protect the ones closest to me from disappointment . There is absolutely nothing that I can do to prevent others from disappointment and logically, I know that.
Still I end up full of anxiety when I perceive that someone close is feeling anguish or anxiety.
Perhaps in being gentle with myself, this will entail being gentle with others and be contagious in a good way.
This is what's rumbling around this morning.

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