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Sunday, May 22, 2011

How deep are the weeds ?

After years of neglect my front and back lawns have taken quite the beating. Not that I didn't want to maintain them, it's just with my daughter's health in the beginning, mowing the lawn was the extent of care that I put towards my grass.
Fast forward and weeds have taken hold.
Today I went outside with my trusty yard implement to remove the culprits from my lawn and was struck by the extent that the weeds roots had taken hold.
The roots were deep to say the least, and I thought , that makes sense, my own mental weeds are just as deep and just as difficult to remove.
Neglect and mowing down emotions , feelings, are just as similar as leaving my lawn to fend for itself.

I realized that I am thankful for my weeds, gives me something to work on both outside and internally. My internal weeds are what  have shaped me into what I am today, for good or for worse. They are there, roots and all. One by one , the deep rooted ones that have a choke hold are slowly becoming untangled and let loose. The fluff floating away in the wind.
Whose to say that weeds are ugly and non-desirable anyway ?
If I didn't have weeds in my lawn, I'd have no front lawn !

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