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Friday, July 29, 2011

4 Paths to Mastery

I was thinking about this today, how does one become a master,(Zen Master , Spiritual Master / Guru , Yoga Master, Guitar, Video Games etc. ), whatever is wanted.
Now I must issue a most important disclaimer- I am not a master of anything , and don't pretend to be. That being said, it was weighing on my mind today, regardless , that there must be steps to becoming a master and I managed to find an interview with Dr.Wayne Dyer about meditation and he outlined what he feels are the 4 paths to mastery
  1. Discipline. This would entail the actual practice, training of what our goal is. The nuts and bolts, and mechanics of whatever practice we are striving for.
  2. Wisdom. The application of the mind to the discipline of the body. Can also be viewed as the theoretical/ scholastic side of things.
  3. Unconditional Love. Hitting that stage where what you are doing is consistent with your sense of love. Otherwise you are stuck at One and Two. That you need to really love what you are doing. Olympic gold medalists come to mind, they really love what they are training for and it shows or musicians, actors .
  4. Surrender. Letting go, you are not what you have , or what you do, but are part and parcel of something much larger and divine, and connected to your source, Buddha, God, whatever name is your preference.
That is not to say do all four and Bob's your uncle, reality is always more difficult than that , and I imagine that they can be intermixed and approached in any order but they do seem logical to me. Especially the last one. The toughest one of them all, letting go of the ego. Yet time and time again whenever I do, the universe manages to send back a message , almost a ''Hey, At ta boy ! keep it up !" kind of message. At any rate, message received loud and clear. Also I've found that  number four leads back to three, in so much as surrendering, can actually open the heart and allow for that unconditional love to flow.
Be well,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

When the rubber hits the road,

I always though it appropriate the image that this phrase gives me, when the rubber hits the road.

A colleague of mine from work is certainly facing this as his wife is suffering from terminal cancer.
The end is near, and things cannot be tougher for my friend.
The cancer and pain have induced much fear in his wife and gone is her spiritual side he says.
He tries to console her and be her caregiver, what a tough piece of karma this is.
Not only is he losing his love , his wife , in the end days she is not even close to being the woman she was when healthy.
He desperately wants her last thoughts to be good ones.
I ask everyone to send some Metta her way,