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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last Day of taking portraits

Today was my last taking pictures of the veteran residents where I work. One gentleman after I had taken his picture seeing as there was a bit of free time before the next one was due to sit, decided to tell me about his best friend that me made and met last year when he first came to the hospital.
These two gentlemen were thick as theives as it were. Every waking hour they were together, especially when there was activities, dances, special meals, entertainment , you name it. Then as he was remembering all the good times, he mentioned to me their last day together. The fun they had, and how his friend was more tired than usual that night , how he brought him to his room, and his friend felt bad that he needed to retire to his room so soon. Promises were made to have breakfast together the next day, and all was well.
The following morning my gentlemen of this afternoon recounted how he woke up early and went to the floor where his friend lived, only to be greeted by a nurse who wanted to spare him the shock of finding his friend recently passed on. She was stammering he says to me , and his reply to her was , I know dear, I could tell last night when I brought him home that it was near.
The sorrow was visible in this gentlemen's eyes this afternoon, the loss of his friend, the companionship that he had.
I thanked him for sharing his story with me, and he left extending an invitation to me , "Pass by sometime we can talk some more,"
I think I will, I replied, I think I will,

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