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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who had the harder workout (Spoiler alert it was me !)

So, as I have mentioned here before my youngest is disabled. She has a syndrome called Angelman's and long story short it affects her mobility, language skills and she has epilespy. All that being said she has made great strides in the last few years.
I keep thinking now that I am doing yoga again, I should get her on the mat, there would have to be some benefits to it. So off I went earlier this week, got the mat out , did my yoga routine, which she found hilarious by the way. Not sure if I should take it personal, and then I got her on the mat.
I tried valiantly to get her into some sort of downward facing dog, you have to imagine the scene, I get her feet on the mat, her hands go up, get her hands on the mat she raises her feet,. This went on for about 3 minutes as I stubbornly thought I can get her to do this.
Then I had a flash, grabbed a swiss ball and placed it under her stomach, from there we rolled into downward dog, alternating hands and feet on the mat. She loved it , and it saved my back from near destruction.
Not sure if Patanjali would call it Yoga but it worked, maybe one day she'll not need the ball under her but until then ,why not ?
By the way she does an awesome shoulder stand, she's got strength my girl ! and for me , I was sweating up a storm trying to support her and get her into some postures. Really fun challenge.

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