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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Remembrance Day -Lest we forget

Today where I work, we had our annual remembrance day ceremony. For the last few years they have actually had to hold the ceremony on the week-end prior to November 11, as the larger ceremonies grab up all the VIP's and guests of honor.
Every year we have fewer veterans present but the mood is still the same. Every year we have the older veterans who are mostly walker and wheelchair bound struggle to get up to salute and pay their respects to Queen and Country, but mostly I suspect it is to their mates. For the ones that didn't make it back, that didn't have the luxury of watching their kids grow up, that didn't get to grow old and aren't here today to honour their friends.

Every year when the bagpipes play, the trumpet cries out taps, and the choir sings hymns, there are still a few veterans that shed a tear.

For all those who fought for our freedom,
Lest we forget,

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