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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Time,and letting go

On Tuesday a new gentleman was admitted to where I work. He is an elderly man , veteran of World War II and is considered terminal and may not be with us for very long.
I had met this gentleman previously and taken his photo about a year ago.
I was called to his floor to take his photo for his I.D. and seeing he was needing oxygen it was just easier for me to go to him. He looked a little tired but overall in good spirits.Not much different from the man that I had met over a year ago.
Managed to get a little smile, clicked some photos and we parted ways.

This morning he passed away.

Did he know it was his time ? If he did, it certainly changes in some way the smile he gave me when I took his photo. There was all kinds of staff trying very hard to set up his wheelchair and room for him to his satisfaction.
He just sat there rather bemused by it all when I think about it in hindsight. An orderly gave him a warm blanket, his eyes said it all.
Letting go.

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