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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year approaches

New Year approaches, change is in the wind.
Funny how every new year brings in a sense of hope that the new year will be better than last. I suppose it's human nature to think this way. I have long since stopped the creation of resolutions that I cannot seem to maintain past two months.
With a goal in mind of improving my health I had made some changes to my diet and exercise routines that was paying off real dividends in the last few months of 2011. Then hit a little set back that ended up with a backslide and a return to old habits.
I plan on tackling this in 2012 , not with just a simple resolution but more of a shift in thinking that needs to stick, not just for me but for the others that are counting on me.
Step 1. Sit in meditation more.
Step 2. Find my Way
Step 3. Should an emergency situation present itself, break glass of illusion and meditate some more.

For everyone out there, Sincere best wishes with whatever endeavors , asprirations you are striving for in 2012.

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