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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Day after

OK, so as of late I have been searching for the "right fit" for training and exercise.  After 4 years of martial arts I sort of went on hiatus for a year. Did weight training, running and yoga.
Came to conclusion that I actually missed the martial arts but where I was attending, didn't give me much of a cardio work out that I need.
As I get older my metabolism is getting slower and I need that cardio to keep the pounds at bay.
Tried a few different places and styles but nothing was clicking.
Then as luck would have it, right under my nose was a dojo, close to home (10 minutes !) and a great schedule (5 classes a week if I can keep up) and the price is right. (How did I not see it before ?)
Not wanting to get suckered managed to get a week's worth of trial classes before I sign up and yesterday was the first one.

Just the warm up alone had me in the cardio target zone. Classes are around 75 to 90 minutes. Lots of warm up, forms ( Kata) and sparring. It was fantastic.
Managed to even land a few kicks against a black belt. (Probably won't happen a second time though)

The style is mostly Kyokushin but there is also jujitsu, and I detect a little Okinawan karate as well in there. Either way it's fine with me. Some of my friends in martial arts get really tied up in knots over lineage and style and whether it's an approved style by whatever association etc. As far as I can see the Sensei for this school is not affiliated with some of the organisations that surround his style. Not always a bad thing, there is so much splintering and fracturing going on within Karate these days anyway.
I have come to my own conclusion that as long as it's effective, safe and you get out of it what you put into it, it's all good. Today after my first class, I'm sore. I worked out harder yesterday than I have for quite some time. I'm feeling it, and I'm smiling. All good.

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