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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Listening lately 365 Tao, and came across a passage detailing worry.
Worry and I have long since been aquainted. My father was a worrier, passed it on to me and I suppose I have passed it on as well to my daughter.
What I found illuminating was the idea that worry was cancer of an emotion.  Concern run amok as it were.
It can be crippling to say the least.
It all boils down to control I assume. The illusion that we have some, and that we can affect some measure of control in our lives.
I , of late have recently been shown that all I can do is help, whatever effort that I can, and be reassured ,  that is the best that I can do.
Right wrongs where I can, do the right thing, help , and let the worry go.
In the end things will enfold as they will.
No good, no bad , just as it is.

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